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Arborist Consulting

Expert arborist consulting reports for informed tree care decisions

What is an arborist report? 

An arborist report, also known as a tree assessment or tree report, is a detailed document that provides comprehensive information about the health, condition and recommendation for your tree. Here is what you can expect in a typical arborist report: 

  • Tree Health and Condition - It includes an examination of the canopy, trunk, branches, roots, signs of diseases, pest infestations and any signs of structural instability. 
  • Environmental Conditions - We consider external factors such as soil conditions, drainage and environmental stressors that may be impacting your tree's health. 
  • Tailored Recommendations - Every tree is unique, and so are our arborist reports. They come with tree-specific recommendations to address issues and enhance vitality of your trees. 

Why do I need an arborist report? 

  • Legal Compliance - You may need a construction-related arborist report for an application to prune or remove trees associated with construction activities, demolition, etc. 
  • Safety Assurance - Identify and address safety issues promptly, ensuring a secure environment for your family and visitors.

Common users of arborist reports are homeowners, property developers, landscaper, municipalities, insurance companies and real estate professionals. 

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