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How Can I Protect My Trees During Severe Weather, Such as Storms or Extreme Temperatures?

Here are some tips to help safeguard your trees in all weather conditions 

Regular Tree Trimming - Regular trimming helps maintain a strong and balanced tree structure. Remove dead, diseased, or weak branches to reduce the risk of breakage during storms. Be sure to read more about our best practices when it comes to pruning.

Mulch Around the Base - Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to help retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, and protect the roots from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Inspect for Weaknesses - Regularly inspect your trees for signs of weakness, such as cracks, splits, or decay. If you're unsure of what to look for, be sure to sign up for our exclusive Tree Maintenance Program for a twice a year in-person assessment of your trees from one of our ISA-certified arborists. 

Deep Watering - Ensure proper watering, especially during periods of drought or extreme heat. Deep watering encourages deep root growth, making the tree more resilient to stress. For a detailed, step by step practical guide on how to water your tree, give our Tree Watering Guide a read. 

Proper Fertilization - Maintain proper soil fertility through appropriate fertilization. Well-nourished trees are better equipped to withstand stress. Read more about Beswick's deep root fertilization practice here. 

Install Tree Stakes or Guy Wires - Young or newly planted trees may benefit from stakes or guy wires to provide support and stability, preventing them from being uprooted during strong winds.

Protect Against Frost - In areas prone to frost, cover young or vulnerable trees with frost cloth or burlap during cold nights to prevent frost damage.

Lightning Protection - Install lightning protection systems for tall or valuable trees in areas prone to thunderstorms. These systems can help prevent lightning damage.

Inspect and Treat for Pests and Diseases - Regularly inspect your trees for signs of pests or diseases. Promptly treat any issues to prevent weakened trees that may be more susceptible to weather-related damage. Give our ISA-certified arborists a call today to learn more about our pests, insect and disease sprays. 

Cabling and Bracing - Provide support to limbs with weak crotches using cabling or bracing systems. This helps prevent limb breakage during storms. We are a full-service tree care company and provide cabling and bracing services.

Avoid Soil Compaction - Minimize soil compaction around the root zone by avoiding heavy equipment or foot traffic. Compacted soil restricts root growth and can make trees more vulnerable to stress.

Monitor Soil Drainage - Ensure proper drainage around the tree to prevent waterlogged soil, which can lead to root rot. Poor drainage can weaken a tree's stability.

Winter Wrapping - For young or susceptible trees, consider wrapping the trunk with burlap during winter to protect against temperature fluctuations and prevent sunscald.

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