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Seasonal Tree Care Guide: Fall Tree Care Tips

Use the cooler fall months to get your trees ready for the harsh colder months

Click HERE for our practical, printable and share-able Fall Tree Care Guide. 


Going from the growing season to dormancy is a very energy intensive and stressful time for trees – try these tips to set your trees up for success this winter and into spring.

  • Leaf Removal - Preventing a buildup of leaves around the base of the tree helps maintain good air circulation and reduces the risk of fungal diseases.
  • Fall Fertilization - Get in touch with us for an application of our fall deep root fertilizer. This mixture will give your trees the necessary nutrients to withstand harsh winter.
  • Pruning - Contact us to prune away dead or diseased branches to prevent the spread of disease and encourage new spring growth.
  • Refresh Mulch - Consider freshening up your layer of mulch. Cover the ground around the base of the tree with 1 to 2 inches of mulch each fall. Keep the mulch 2 to 3 inches away from the trunk or you risk rotting the bark around the trunk.
  • Tree Wrapping - Consider wrapping the trunks of young or think-barked trees to protect against temperature fluctuations and sunscald. Use burlap or commercial tree wraps and remove the wrapping in the spring. 
  • Brace Weak Trees - Look for large, weak looking limbs in your tree. Consider that they may need extra help to survive harsh winter conditions. Give us a call – we do cabling and bracing.

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