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Seasonal Tree Care Guide: Spring Tree Care Tips

We want to empower our customers to perform their own tree care, too!

Click HERE for our practical, printable and share-able Spring Tree Care Guide. 


Winter is tough on trees. We advise using the springtime to inspect your trees for any damage or diseases as we head into warmer, more humid weather. Be on the look out for broken or dead branches, racks or holes in the trunk, and signs of pests and diseases like mushrooms. 

Take these steps to prepare for summer: 

  • Spring Fertilization - To provide the essential nutrients for robust summer growth. Get in touch for a spring application
  • Tree Trimming - Spring is a great time for structural trimming to enhance circulation within the canopy. Call us to remove any dead, damaged or crossing branches.
  • Watering - Start getting into the routine of watering your tree. Check out our Tree Watering Guide for tree watering best practices.
  • Mulch - Mulch helps to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weeds and prevent soil erosion.
  • Plant New Trees - Spring is a good time to plant new trees. The mild weather allows young trees to establish their roots before the stress of the summer heat. If you’ve just planted a tree, we recommend reading our Tree Watering Guide as well as getting in touch for a spring application of our deep root fertilizer.
  • Soil Aeration - Consider aerating compacted soil around the tree’s root zone. Soil aeration enhances water and nutrient absorption.

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