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Seasonal Tree Care Guide: Summer Tree Care Tips

For trees, summer is a double-edged sword

Click HERE for our practical, printable and share-able Summer Tree Care Guide. 


While the sun provides necessary nutrients, the heat and moisture levels can stress them. With that in mind, we offer some practical tips that you can perform on your own this summer:

  • Watering – Keep watering your tree. Check out our Tree Watering Guide for tree watering best practices.
  • Pest and Disease Management – Due to the moisture levels, summer is prime time for insect activity. If you notice any issues, give us a call and we’ll provide a free on-site assessment and plan to rid your trees of any invasive species. 
  • Summer Storm Preparedness – Strong winds and heavy rains can cause damage to trees. Take a look through your tree’s canopy for any weak, dead or overhanging branches and limbs to minimize breakage during storms. Give us a call if you see any – we’ll remove them for you.
  • Avoid Soil Compaction – Summer is prime time for playing in your yard. Be mindful of soil compaction, especially in high-traffic areas around trees. Compacted soil limits water and oxygen absorption. Consider installing barriers or mulch to protect the root zone.
  • Watch for Signs of Stress - Monitor trees for signs of stress, such as wilting or unusual leaf discolouration. See a few of our practical guides here and here
  • Prune Dead or Diseased Branches - Pruning dead or diseased branches helps to reduce the risk of diseases spreading, especially during the stressful summer months for a tree.

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