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Seasonal Tree Care Guide: Winter Tree Care Tips

We want to empower our customers to perform their own tree care, too!

Click HERE for our practical, printable and share-able Winter Tree Care Guide. 


Contrary to popular belief, winter is actually the best time to have tree work done

Trees are less susceptible to injury after being pruned or trimmed. In general, trees are more stressed in the heat of the summer months, and the moisture levels greatly increase the risk of injuring the tree after pruning. If you need tree work done, ask our ISA-certified arborists about having your work performed in the winter.

Read on for some practical tree care tips you can implement on your own: 

  • Safe Snow Removal - Only when safe, remove heavy snow from tree branches using a broom or gentle shaking to prevent breakage. To avoid causing damage to them, remove snow from lower branches by pushing upwards, rather than downwards.
  • Protect from Salt Damage - If your trees are near areas treated with de-icing salts, consider protecting them from salt damage by using barriers or covering them with burlap during salt application.
  • Protect Against Deer and Rodents - Winter can make bark on trees more appealing to deer and rodents as a food source. Install tree wraps or use mesh barriers to protect the lower trunk from browsing and chewing.
  • Wrap Tree Trunks - Wrap the trunks of young trees with tree wrap or burlap to protect young trees from temperature extremes, sunscald and potential damage from rodents. 
  • Monitor for Pests - Identifying and addressing pest issues early helps prevent infestations in the spring. Inspect trees for pest activity, such as egg masses. A spring insect treatment could help to save your tree if you see an infestation. 

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