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What Can I Do to Promote Healthy Growth in My Trees?

At Beswick Tree Service, we've distilled our 70+ years of expertise into actionable steps for promoting robust tree growth. Let's dive into the nuts and bolts of tree care:

Regular Inspection

Conduct regular inspections of your trees. Look for signs of stress, discoloration or abnormalities. Timely identification allows for prompt action and prevents potential issues from escalating. Be sure to inquire about our Tree Maintenance Program where we can stop by your property for a twice a year on-site assessment. We'll raise any potential issues well in advance. 

Pruning Practices

Pruning is not just about aesthetics, it is a crucial aspect of tree health. Regularly trim to eliminate dead or diseased branches, improve air circulation, and shape the tree's structure. Corrective pruning early on prevents future issues. Be sure to read up on our pruning services for the ins and outs of tree pruning. 

Pest and Disease Management

Stay vigilant for signs of pests and diseases. We recommend performing a detailed check of your tree at least once a season for unwanted critters. Beswick offers a robust pest and disease management service to protect your trees and shrubs from all sorts of diseases. 


We offer spring and fall applications to not only promote strong and healthy growth, but to ensure that your trees get the necessary nutrients to survive the harsh winter months. 

Water Wisely

Water is a key player in tree health. Ensure a deep watering routine, allowing moisture to penetrate the root zone effectively. Mulching around the base helps to retain that moisture, regulates temperature, and keeps competing weeds at bay. Be sure to check out our practical Tree Watering Guide and the printable PDF. Share it with your neighbours or post it on your fridge! 

Seasonal Care 

Protect your trees during extreme winter conditions. Shield young trees in the winter to prevent damage from harsh elements. In the summer, consider temporary covers to mitigate stress during heatwaves. 

Soil Health

Prioritize soil health through periodic soil tests. Amend the soil based on test results to correct nutrient deficiencies. A well-aerated, nutrient-rich soil sets the stage for robust root development. 

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