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What Permits or Regulations Do I Need to Consider for Tree Removal or Major Trimming?

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The topics of permitting and regulations are a common source of stress and anxiety for customers considering tree removal or major pruning. At Beswick, we do our best to educate and empower current and future customers when they begin their tree care journey. Depending on where you are located, there are permitting regulations that you need to be aware of. 

Be sure to visit our Navigating the Permitting Process page for further details on what to look for in the permitting process, whether or not you will need a permit for your tree work, the cost of obtaining a permit and the relevant by-laws you need to consider before beginning your tree care journey. 


Burlington Tree Permitting Process Definitions

  • “Heritage Tree” can mean different things, but in the City of Burlington, specifically, it means trees that are designated as heritage trees under the Ontario Heritage Act or trees that are recognized as heritage trees by Forests Ontario and the Ontario Urban Forest Council.
  • “dead” means no living tissue in the tree, including no live buds or leaves; often small branches are brittle and bark will begin to fall off.
  • “high-risk tree” means a tree that has become structurally weakened to the point where, there is a high risk for the tree to break or fall down (either the entire tree or parts of the tree) but the tree will not likely break or fall down immediately. This is a review done by a qualified tree professional, like Beswick Tree Service.
  • “terminal condition” means a tree that is in decline or dying that is both advanced and irreversible due to a non-living factor (such as mechanical damage or fire) or living factors (such as a pest or disease) that causes the majority of the tree canopy to decline and/or die.
  • “endangered tree species” means any trees and tree habitat of species listed as Endangered or Threated in Ontario. See Schedule 3 of the Ontario Endangered Species Act for such species.

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