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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Our professional cabling and bracing services are designed to enhance the structural integrity of your trees 

We work to ensure your trees stand tall and grow straight for generations to come.

What is tree cabling/bracing? 

Tree cabling is a technique used in arboriculture to provide structural support to trees with weak or compromised branches, trunks, or overall structures. The process involves installing flexible cables or braces within a tree's canopy or trunk to enhance its stability and reduce the risk of failure.

Why should I consider tree cabling/bracing? 

Tree cabling and bracing should be considered under various circumstances when a tree exhibits structural weaknesses, has experienced damage, or poses a potential risk of failure. Here are common situations where tree cabling and bracing may be necessary: 

  • Split trunks of branches
  • Heavy or overextended branches
  • Structural weakness (weak bark or unions where branches attach to the trunk) 
  • Storm damaged trees

How does the tree cabling/bracing process work? 

The installation process of each are generally as follows: 

  • Cabling - Arborists identify specific points within the tree where cables can be anchored securely. These anchor points are often healthy and structurally sound branches. Cables are then attached using hardware designed to distribute stress evenly. Typically made of high-strength materials such as steel, synthetic fibers, or aramid strands, cables are strategically installed to support weak or heavy branches.
  • Bracing - In cases of split trunks or branches, braces are installed to bring the separated sections back together. The braces provide external support, allowing the tree to heal and preventing further damage. These are rigid support rods or braces made of materials like steel or fiberglass. Braces are used to reinforce split trunks or branches.

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