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Beswick's Tree Service FAQs

Chances are you have a similar question to the thousands of customers we have served over the years. 

Do you work in the winter? 

Yes! We work year-round. In fact, getting tree work done in the winter is a fantastic idea and is actually best for the tree's health. Summer is a stressful time for trees, and trimming them can lead to complications as they have to allocate resources away from protecting itself from the sun, heat and drought of the summer months. Consider having your tree work done in the winter when they are in dormancy! 

Do I need to be home while your tree care professionals are working? 

Not at all. We provide our crews with very detailed and specific instructions spelling out all of the details of your job, including photos of the trees that make up your work order. That said, tree work is a fascinating trade and process to watch in action. Feel free to stay home, meet the crew, take some photos and post them to our Google my Business, Instagram or Facebook

What should I do to prepare for the crew?

We will advise you of any necessary preparation in anticipation of crew arrival. For starters, here is what we recommend to all of our customers before our tree care professionals arrive on site: 

  • Cut your grass 1-2 days before. This makes cleanup/raking a lot easier for our professionals. 
  • Pick up any of your dog's poop (yuck!) 
  • Unlock any gates if access is needed to your backyard 
  • Ensure no vehicles are parked below or around trees scheduled for trimming/removal 
  • You may want to notify your neighbours that you're having tree work performed, although this is up to you

Will everything be done on the same day (tree work, stump grinding and plant health care treatment)?

Stump grinding and your tree's plant health care treatment will not be performed at the same time as your tree work. Stump grinding can be up to a few weeks after your tree work and your treatment is typically done after the tree work as well. 

Should I notify my neighbours that I'm having tree work done? 

We will let you know at the time of quoting your tree work whether or not you will be required to get your neighbour's permission to access the tree. That way, we can avoid any unnecessary surprises or delays on the day of the job. If we do not require access to your neighbour's property to complete your work, you do not need to notify them - although you may consider it a courtesy to advise them. They might be surprised to see one of our climbers dangling from a rope outside of their bathroom window! 

Is cleanup included in the price? 

We specify on all of our quotes whether or not cleanup is included in the price. Sometimes, customers ask us to leave wood on site to be used as firewood or decoration. We pride ourselves on an outstanding cleanup. In fact, we are most frequently reviewed on Google by your neighbours for our meticulous cleanup. 

How can I pay? 

We accept VISA, Mastercard, e-transfer or cheque. 

How do I know if you are licensed? 

In Hamilton, for example, any tree care company contracted to remove trees within the City is required to have a license. It is very easy to check whether a tree care company has a license to cut trees down in The City of Hamilton. Check out this database for our valid tree cutting license. 

For other geographies, we are more than happy to send along our business permits, insurance and WSIB certificates to put you at ease before hiring us. 

What is an ISA-certified arborist? 

An ISA-certified arborist is someone who has met the requirements of the ISA: worked 3+ years in the field, passed the certification exam and kept up with 30 CEUs (continuing education course credits) every 3 years. This is similar to a Realtor or CPA.  

What is the ISA? 

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a global professional organization dedicated to promoting the professional practice or arboriculture - the cultivation, management and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants. The ISA has been serving the tree care industry and professionals since its establishment in 1924. 

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