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Tree and Deep Root Fertilization Brant

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In our urban environments, trees are forced to compete with our lawns and other plants for nutrients. While forest trees benefit from soil rich with organic matter, we frequently remove fallen leaves and other organic matter that provides sources of nutrients for our trees in urban environments. This starves them of the necessary nutrients to reach their full potential. 

Deep root fertilization is a valuable technique that Beswick's ISA-certified arborists use to deliver nutrients and soil treatments directly to the root system of your tree, promoting overall health, growth and strong roots. 

When is the best time to fertilize my tree or shrub in Brant? 

Beswick performs 2 applications of fertilizer throughout the year in Brant: 

In the spring...

Spring fertilization provides the essential nutrients at a time when trees are actively entering their growing season. 

Ensures that nutrients are readily available when the tree needs them the most, helping prevent diseases and infections in the humid summer months. 

Can lead to lush, vibrant foliage. 

In the fall...

Helps build your tree's nutrient reserve during the cold winter months. 

Promotes root growth during the winter. 

For fruit-bearing trees, fall fertilization can stimulate flowering and fruit production in the following growing season. 

What nutrients are in a typical injection of deep root fertilizer?

The nutrient composition of deep root fertilizers can vary, but a well-balanced fertilizer typically includes the following primary nutrients: 

Nitrogen (N) - Nitrogen is crucial for the development of foliage, stems and overall plant growth. It plays a key role in the synthesis of chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis. Adequate nitrogen promotes healthy leaves and enhances a tree's ability to capture and utilize sunlight. 

Phosphorus (P) - Phosphorus is essential for root development, flowering and fruiting. It contributes to the energy transfer within the plant, aiding in the formation of DNA, RNA and other vital molecules. 

Potassium (K) - Potassium is involved in various physiological processes, including water uptake, enzyme activation and photosynthesis. It helps trees withstand environmental stress, enhances disease resistance and contributes to overall plant vigor. 

What can I expect during a tree or shrub fertilization? 

Our plant health care technicians use specialized equipment to inject liquid fertilizer into the root zone about 6-12 inches beneath the surface. We follow the drip line of the tree, making sure we do a full 360 around the root zone. 

Note - you do not need to be home for your fertilizer application. A Beswick tree care professional will leave a card in your mailbox indicating that we were on your property and that we completed your deep root feed. 

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