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Tree Maintenance Program in Hamilton

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Get ahead of unforeseen issues with your trees and sign up for our exclusive Tree Maintenance Program in Hamilton

At the heart of our commitment to your tree's health is our Tree Maintenance Program. From seasonal pruning to disease prevention, we've got you and your trees covered all year round.

What is a Tree Maintenance Program?

  • Twice a Year Checkup - You'll receive two yearly in-person inspections (performed in the Spring and in the Fall) by one of our ISA-certified arborists. The more familiar and intimate we are with your trees and their growing patterns, the better our recommendations can be for their health and overall well-being. 
  • Proactive Problem Prevention - Our ISA-certified arborists are experts. They will identify and help mitigate problems such as pests, diseases and structural concerns. 
  • Detailed Reports - You'll receive a detailed report of all trees on your property, including tailored solutions for each tree to ensure their continued health and longevity. 

Why should I enroll in your Hamilton Tree Maintenance Program?

  • Priority Service - Because we are proactively identifying issues with your trees rather than being reactive to your call, members of our Tree Maintenance Program will receive priority sequence in our schedule. 
  • Property Value Appreciation - Well-maintained trees enhance property values by up to 20%. Boost your investment by nurturing a thriving and attractive tree landscape. Want to learn more about the value of tree care? Trees are investments and are great ways to reduce your property's heating and AC costs. Read more about The Value of Tree Care
  • Time and Effort Savings - Enrolling in our Tree Maintenance Program takes the responsibility of tree care off of your hands. With scheduled visits and expert care, homeowners and property managers alike can save time and effort while enjoying the benefits of a professionally maintained tree landscape.
  • Peace of Mind - At Beswick, we like to say that we are not just a tree care company, we are also a customer service business. In addition to tree care, we sell comfort and peace of mind. Knowing that your trees are under the care of ISA-certified arborists and are receiving regular attention allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without the worry of potential tree-related issues.

Our Tree Maintenance Program is perfect for: 

  • Property managers 
  • Homeowners 
  • Golf courses 
  • Offices and office parks
  • Schools, colleges and universities 
  • Cemeteries 
  • ...and more

Contact us today to discuss a Tree Maintenance Program that fits your budget and needs. 

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