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Do I need a permit to remove, trim, prune or injure my tree in Brantford?

The City's Private Tree By-law protects certain rare species and a few woodlots on private property. Tree removal permits are not required for private trees, unless: 

  • The property is designated as a protected woodlot, wetland or heritage area. See the lands depicted on Schedule 3-1 on page 6 of Brantford's tree cutting by-law. 
  • The property contains rare or protected species 


The following species are considered protected by the City of Brantford and are NOT permitted to be injured or destroyed at any location within the municipality: 

  • American chestnut 
  • Dwarf hackberry 
  • Kentucky coffee 
  • Blue ash 
  • Dwarf chinquiapin oak 
  • Hills oak
  • Schumard oak 
  • Sweet pignut hickory 
  • Cucumber magnolia
  • Red mulberry 
  • Hop tree


For questions or to submit a completed application, please email forestry@brantford.ca or give them a call at 519-759-4150. As always, please consult with one of our ISA-certified arborists before moving ahead with any tree work - we are more than happy to provide you with a second opinion.

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Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas: 905‑529‑5612
Burlington, Waterdown: 905‑637‑1919

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