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The Value of Tree Care

Why should you care about taking care of your trees? 

There are countless reasons why you should consider taking care of your trees to be an investment.

Economic value - increased property values and reduced energy costs

The direct economic benefits of well managed trees come largely through decreased energy costs and an increase in property values. Here are some of our favorites, which might be eye-opening to some of our customers: 

  • Landscaping, especially with trees, can increase property values as much as 20 percent. - Management Information Services/ICMA
  • Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save 20-50 percent in energy used for heating. - USDA Forest Service
  • Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.  - USDA Forest Service
  • A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000. - Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers
  • Having large trees in yards along streets increases a home’s value from 3 percent to 15 percent. - Wolf, Kathleen L, PhD, University of Washington (2007) City Trees and Property Values. Arborist News. 16, 4:34-36

Environmental value - trees are the lifeblood of nature and civilization

Did you know? 

  • Trees control our climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind? Their leaves absorb and filter the sun’s radiant energy, keeping things cool in the summer. Trees also preserve warmth by providing a screen from harsh wind in the fall and winter months.
  • Trees do more than just shelter us and our buildings from rain - which is, in fact, extremely important. They also absorb huge quantities of water, reduce run-off, neutralise the severity of flooding, and make flooding more unlikely altogether. Not to forget that their roots absorb pollutants and prevent them from feeding back into a city's water supply.
  • Trees remove an astonishing amount of harmful pollutants and toxins from the air. In urban areas air quality is often disastrously bad - with severe consequences for our health. Trees make the air we breathe much cleaner.
  • Trees can reduce loudness by up to 50%. In urban areas filled with the sound of cars, construction, sirens, airplanes, and music, trees are essentially the best way to block noise and keep cities - along with the homes and workplaces in them - quieter.
  • Studies have proven what we instinctively know to be true: that human beings are significantly happier when surrounded by nature rather than sterile urban environments. Our emotions, behaviour, and thoughts are shaped by the places we spend time in - and trees have a profoundly positive effect on our psychology. The consequential benefits of being happier and more peaceful - as individuals and as a society - are immense.
  • Trees are miniature cities all of their own, serving as a habitat for hundreds of different species, including birds, mammals and insects.

Community value - staples in our environments

Trees provide a sense of “place” in our communities. As a kid, how many times did you and your friends use a tree as a meeting place? Or use the shade of a giant tree as a place to cool down after playing sports? How many trees have you and your family had a picnic under? How many did you climb as a kid?

Trees give us a sense of home, a sense of grounding and provide a sense of community to a neighborhood.

Trees are incredible and deserve our love and care for all of the value that they provide us. At Beswick Tree Service, we are honoured and proud to be involved in the service and tending to our urban forest since 1950.

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