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Arborist Training and Development

Training is core to what we do

The arboriculture trade is unique, with varying levels of skills, expertise and certifications required to be successful in the industry. While there is a lot of overlap between the roles in the industry, each level brings with it new responsibilities and challenges, requiring unique training and development. 

The winter slowdown - a core challenge for the industry to solve

Compounding that issue is the fact that there is a (sometimes very dramatic) slowdown in the winter for tree work, requiring tree care companies to lay off a substantial amount of their tree care professionals. This results in months of lost training, skill development and trade knowledge. This is not a healthy outcome for the growth and development of the arboriculture trade and for the industry's sake, is a challenge that must be solved. We call on all tree care companies to join us in facing this challenge. 

At Beswick Tree Service, we recognize this issue and are facing it head on with an intense focus on lead generation and customer education to combat the winter slowdown. Most customers wrongly assume we don't work in the winter. "So, what do you guys do in the winter?" we always hear. With a concentrated sales effort, it is our goal (note we are not always successful) to retain all of the tree care professionals in the winter that we work with in the summer. This ensures the continuity of our culture and the knowledge base of the arboriculture trade itself. We view this as our duty to the trade. 

Additionally, we offer a regular training cadence led by our ISA-certified arborists and our most experienced crew leaders, some of which have been with Beswick for 20+ years. 

Training huddles, health & safety and equipment maintenance meetings

Every Monday morning, we gather at the shop in our yard to go over a different knot and rigging system. We call it "The Technique of the Week." Repetition is the mother of learning and it is important that everybody be able to tie the necessary knots required to climb, send equipment up a tree and secure equipment in the air. Knowing that each of your teammates are held to the same standards as you is the only way to build trust as a team.

BBQ and training sessions

Weather permitting (doing these in the winter is tough), we try to gather once a month for a full team BBQ and hands-on training session. We celebrate wins and losses, do gear refreshes and learn as a team. In the past, we've covered things like the safe operation and maintenance of a chipper, working under the tree cutter as a grounds technician and an aerial bucket rescue exercise. We like to have fun at these while also learning a few key safety lessons. 

Sponsored course enrollment

We are more than happy to sponsor upskilling, training and course enrollment of our tree care professionals. This has included but is not limited to: 

  • Climbing courses
  • DZ license 
  • Mobile crane operator training courses 
  • ISA certification
  • First aid 
  • Hydro awareness (for when we are working around utility/power lines) 
  • Working at heights

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Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas: 905‑529‑5612
Burlington, Waterdown: 905‑637‑1919

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